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There are a lot of garage door problems that occur as a result of colder temperatures. One of the most common cold weather problems we encounter are gear and sprocket kits.

Usually a homeowner will Universal Garage Doors and say something like “The chain on my opener is hanging,” or “I can hear my opener working but nothing is moving.” Nine times out of ten this is a faulty gear and sprocket kit.

Hanging Chain

Hanging Chain


You can see in the pictures that you have to disassemble the garage door opener to install the new gear kit. It is a fairly complicated process. You can get a gear kit online from places like Amazon or ebay and install it yourself. Or you can call a reputable garage door company.



Universal Garage Door Md installs a lot of these gear kits. They usually takes around 40 minutes to install from start to finish. Please note that there could also be underlying issues with the garage door to cause this to happen. These issues usually just need adjustments to correct the problem. We lubricate, adjust and balance the garage door when we replace the gear kit.




A new gear kit is a less expensive option than replacing the garage door opener. Also, at the end of the day you don’t have to open the door by hand. Literally.

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