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Vinyl StrippingPrepare Your Garage for Fall/Early Winter

Are you sick of your garage acting more like a carport than an enclosed space? Are leaves getting through the weather-stripping around your garage door?  Replace your garage door with Universal Garage Doors and save on energy bills by keeping your heat inside this fall and winter.


Garages are great as the cold weather comes tumbling through the area.  They protect your precious vehicle from the outdoor elements and help alleviate those freezing mornings. That is, as long as your garage is sealed properly.  Otherwise, you may as well park on the street.


Since garages are not heated, their temperatures are going to be closer to whichever air flows into the space.  If this air is the chilled, outdoor air, the space is going to be cold.  If it’s the heated, indoor air from your home, your garage is going to be a little bit warmer.  How do you control which air travels into your garage?  Check the tightness of its doors.


The doors in your garage need as much, if not more, attention as the other outside doors in your home. Your garage door is generally the largest and most used entrance to your home. Add these realities together and the only conclusion can be you can lose more warm air through this door than any other outside door in your home, even though it doesn’t lead directly into your house.  Even if it looks like your garage door is completely closed, without proper weather-stripping.   If it’s cold in the garage, when you open the door to your home, you’re going to let that air in.  If the garage is sealed tightly, the air within that space will be warmer and will not raise your energy bills.  Proper weather-stripping with a new garage door will help to keep out the cold weather (or warm weather once spring comes around again!).


Weather-stripping is as important in your garage as it provides a barrier between the outdoors and your warm home.  The more protected your garage is from the cold air outside, the less warm, heated air escapes from your home.  A new garage door will keep your heat inside, which will use less energy and lower your energy bills.


Leaves are fun to jump in but not inside your home. A new garage door with proper weather-stripping will also help keep out leaves, critters, etc. If there are so many leaves in your garage that you’ve had to rake in there, it’s likely that your garage door is not as tightly sealed as it should be. Your car can only carry so many inside with it!
Don’t wait until winter to do something about your garage door.  Now, before the snow and freezing weather hits, is the best time to act.  Don’t wait for the icicles to appear!  Call Universal Garage Doors today at (410) 342-0969.

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