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Quality is a must when it comes to commercial rolling steel doors but aesthetics and efficiency is equally important. Windows in your overhead doors will help your business flow smoothly and safely. At Universal, we are available to install new or repair your existing garage door at your business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

If your business is a service, your customers can see what you’re doing to their possessions, which will make them trust you more. They are more likely to return if they can see the care put into fixing their possession. Your employees will also work harder and with more care knowing they are exposed.

Glass Garage Doors Windows

Showcase your products and work

Feel more secure with windows in your rolling steel doors. You, or anyone else, can see if there is someone trespassing in your business and call the police right away instead of waiting until morning when there might be no evidence. People passing by can also see if there was an accident within the building and can call for help.

Adding windows to your garage doors can help to keep your employees safe. They can see what is on the other side of the door before opening it and can change direction if possible or stop. No surprises will virtually eliminate or reduce workplace injuries and accidents.

If your garage door is used for bringing in freight, windows are super beneficial. You can see what’s on the truck and get your employees prepared before you start unloading the trailer. With everyone prepared, they will get the product on the shelves or where it should be faster.

With the extra product that comes with the holiday season, some companies use the trailers as storage. The open garage doors allow a lot of cold air inside the stockroom, which is already usually a little colder than the rest of the store. You will save money on your energy bills if you can see into the trailer through a closed door. This way you only have to keep the door open while you or your employees are looking for the product!

Windows in garage doors are great for aesthetics. They will make the room seem more welcoming, which is important whether or not customers will be around them. They let in additional light and make the space seem more open, even at night. They will also make the doors less industrious-looking, which is great in areas customers go.

Residential Windows

Add Aesthetic

Of course, windows in your garage doors are nice because they let in more natural light. Natural light is more powerful than caffeine in terms of keeping employees awake and productive. Your staff will also be able to keep track of time better with a view of outside. They will be able to better keep track of time if they see where the sun is outside. Natural light is the best light to see in so the more the better! It will also save you on electricity because you won’t need as many lights.

Since garage doors typically have panels, it’s easy to install windows into your existing door. All you have to do is replace one of the panels with a window panel. These panels do occasionally wear out and need to be replaced so there’s no real extra cost.

Garage door windows are available in a variety of designs, colors, and materials so it’s easy to customize them to your business’ specific needs.

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